2001-07-31, 7:37 p.m.,

she reads to me.... have i mentioned that? shes been reading me a book over the phone now for a week or so. its the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, a bedtime story, literally from thousands of miles away.

beth is coming over tonight to go through all the paperwork for this stuff, i hope it all works out, but i'm really a bit nervous about it, once i send in all my paperwork i have to mkae an appointment for like a million types of testing (blood work, everything....) I'm so scared to do all that...

katelyn asks me tonight "what should i do about next summer?" and i asked what she meant and she says "well sara asked me if i was coming back next year because she could tell i wasnt happy this year. and its been killing us and i dint know if you wanted me to do it next year." so i told her that i wasnt deciding her career for her and thatmaking decisions for next summer was a bit premature right now......*sigh* what to do????? I know if she didnt do the turtle thing it would be for me and i would feel horrible for making her give up what she loves anyway. Everything about her frustrates me anymore.... and all i can do is think about *someone more and more*

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