2001-08-01, 8:23 a.m.,

so i'm ill all evening, i have these dreams of maxine that seemed so real when i rolled over in bed to hold onto her i was confused there was only blankets...twice. I'm sending myself into insanity.

I had another dream i was in an empty train station late at night and we were getting a subway (katelyn and i ) we were like the only people in the station and she kept trying to kiss me and be all touchy feeling and it was pissingme off, because she kept making us miss the train and we had to wait longer....symbolic? hmmm....

So i woke up to get ready this morning and i kow why i was feeling unwell...yup...icky girl stuff....oh well, at least it never lasts more than 3 days. Katelyn comes tomorrow, my first thougths were that i was relived that it wouldnt make her feel bad if i showed no interest in having sex with her now while shes here....despite the fact shes here until sunday and i'm sure friday will be the ending, at least she wont take my disinterest persoanlly. Horrible huh? I just have no desire to be that way with her when i know i'll just be thinking about, well, you know.....

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