2001-08-04, 12:32 p.m.,

she cut her hair off, all of it. the long beautiful curles i used to love twirling around my fingers, its silly to be so upset, but it broke my heart. I have a suspicion it was to see my reaction anyway.

I'm not me anymore, i'm a changling. I'm walking around in gwens body living her old life, but very unhappy doing it.

Full moon last night......what an evening.....but a story for another day......

I think of maxine all the time, so much more than i can explain and i feel like i'm slighting her by not telling her all the things i want to when she calls or knowing how akward she feels. I know you read this maxine, and please know i am thinking of you every second and i do love you more than i've been able to tell you lately.

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