2001-08-07, 10:24 p.m.,

so much to say, i get the south island on Saturday night, what does that mean? its means i'll be beyond zombie like on sunday when i return home. so it boils down to this: katelyn and i together on the south island, total isolation, nothing but us, a tent, turtles and the ocean..perhaps if we're lucky a storm then we can be drowned and dodging the tidal waves coming in. Well she hates talking about things, looks like she'll be forced to this weekend. So one of 2 things will happen, we'll either have all this isolation time togetehr that we can talk and repair parts of our relationship or we'll end up trying to drown each otehr inthe ocean and make it look like an "accident" (thats horrible, i shouldnt say that) but seriously, we'll either fix things or drive each other insane, who knows, guess i'll have to wait and see, its just i know i'm in for an intensely overly emotional weekend.

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