2001-08-12, 10:56 p.m.,

My Love,

The meterologists on the televison said there'd be one meteor falling every three minutes.i've been here under a speckled sky wishing for you to be here, its unreal, love.

its 3 am, and the air is warm but the wind is teasing my sight with curls that have pulled from my braid and i wish you could be here more than anything, theres somethign so surreal about wakign and crawling out of a tent at 3 am to sit on a federal wildlife all terrain vechicle to pull on my sand filled boots and watch the stars, listenign to the water from all around me and knowing that everyone is asleep but me. Its like owning your own piece of the world, everything is noisesless but for the waves and i can see to both sides of the island.

i want you here. my lips taste salty as does my skin, i want you here to kiss me. I keep picturing you here, we were on the boat and i pictured you all curled up next to me on the boat dodging waves that were crashing to the side and giggling and having the wind toss out hair about....i'm delerious, i think of you too much.

lack of food, lack of sleep, lack of you....i dunno, but i crave your voice above anything else....

counting the minutes until i come hoem to you,

your gwenivere

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