2001-08-25, 2:47 p.m.,

oh dear....last night the dream i had.... ever wake froma dream and have it feel like it was so very real? Well I dreamt i awoke and she was there lying on her right side with her back to me and her left leg kinda thrown over a pillow and i curled up behind her to kiss her shoulders and neck and wake her and she did that sleepy whimpering thing she does on the phone. And i slid my hand over her hip and kept kissing her while she was in that half awake half asleep stage and my fingers were running up and down the flesh of her inner thigh and i just remember thining how amazingly soft and sweet smelling her skin was and my fingertips ran from the inside of her left knee up her inner thigh until....well you know how those wandering fingers can get.... oh dear.. and i remeber her lening her head back on my shoulder to kiss me and well, you know what happened.. and i awoke and my heart was just racing and it felt so very real, it was so vivid. like i remember the color of the blankets and the exact smell of her skin...it was unbearable to wake without her. I hope my mind doesnt continue to taunt me like this. I'll never be able to handle it.

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