2001-08-26, 2:26 p.m.,

So i was cleaning today and decided to clean out this cabinet I've had for ages, just full of letters, poems, photos, cards, anything and everything imaginable and I found this, it was a card from Brian when he graduated college, i forgot i had it and to tell you the truth I really began to get all teary eyed when i read it:


Thank you for everything from a pillow and blanket to intern papers, to films, to good conversation, to broken glasses, temple diner food, to hugs and kisses (especially those behind my ears!) You mean the world to me (that was pretty sappy, dont ya think?)

Love your favorite boy,

Charles, Derek, fred, chris, archie, Dennis, Brian B.

(now you have to understand he has all these guys names crossed out until he has his written. It was just hois sense of humour.) I miss him. the old him....i kinda think i should write him and tell him that, but would it make my life more melodramatic? hmm....perhaps.

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