2001-09-01, 9:04 a.m.,

I awoke last night (well this morning) at 4:30 ish and I called her, I couldnt sleep and I wanted so badly to hear her voice. I called both her home and cell number to no avail. So here I am at work, waiting for the phone to ring....where are you my love?

I think I'm convincing people that I have my life together much better than i do. Last night katelyn says to me "I know that your little "wandering wendy" is talking over and you'll leave soon, and I guess I have to be ok with that." It just hurt so badly to here her say that.

Maxine gave me her story she wrote, i cant wait to start reading it today. It'll be nice to see that side of her, Maxine the story telling queen...oh dear, why am I so obsessive? Whats wrong with me?

I had a lengthy discussion with my mom about my sister today and this guy.....the more i think of him the angrier I get..grrr...why are there no men worthy of anyone in my life. Perhaps the rumours are true, I am an elitist, or perhaps my expectations of people are too high, who knows.

I began reading that Brian Weiss book again, its so refreshing, like a small religion tucked in between the folds of the pages, I love that. The books on my nightstand just keep stacking up, novels, poetry books, art books, magazines, photo books, perhaps I need to just move the bookshelf closer to my bed.......

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