2001-09-01, 12:01 p.m.,

Two solid hours of her voice in my ear and I cant get enough, I sit here craving more....absolutely insatiable.

I wont be able to go back to the US, I know it. I'll be like a child begging their parents to let them stay on vacation just s few days more, never wanting to leave...

I was reading that Brian Weiss Book last night and I found something so wonderful....

" Man? Woman? In the course of our lifetimes we change sexes, religions and races to learn from all sides. Birth? If we never really die, then we are never really born. We are all immortal, is nothing more than walking through a door into another room. We keep returning in order to learn certain lessons, or traits, such as love, forgiveness, understanding, patience, awareness, nonviolence. We have to unlearn other traits such as fear, anger, greed, hatred, pride, ego, which result from old conditioning. Then we can graduate and leave this school. We have all the time in the world to learn and unlearn, we are immortal, we are infinite, we have the nature of god."

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