2001-09-05, 9:51 p.m.,

I had to watch a baby for about 2 hours today, i melted, i cant wait to be an aunt. I had stacy's son with me and i had to drop him off with beth and gian tonight. he was too precious. it just amazes me that a body so small can run just as well a human 6 ft tall, hes so compact....

babies amaze me. I just sat there wondering what things must look like to him and how odd things must be.

I miss her so much, i think about her all the time, everyday. What am i to do when i wont get to have her wake me tomorrow? i have to be out of the house by 8. oh dear......guess i'l have to call her from work as soon as possible.

I love you maxine, so much more than i can ever tell you....

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