2001-09-08, 3:53 p.m.,

I've been quite spoiled. I had all yesterday evening and this morning to talk to her, for hours and hours online and on the phone, it was so nice. I cant wait to be there with her and have her so close to me that talking to her is never an issue, i never have to figure out what time it is there, never have to worry about waking her, i can just talk to her and take pleasure in knowing shes right there with me to answer back....oh dear the little things we take for granted huh?

I was thinking of calling anie today?is that a bad idea? hmm..perhaps. we'll see.

My grandfather is not doing well and my mom is really quite a mess, i'm anticipating an emergency trip back to new york to attend a funeral and help my mom out for awhile. *crossing fingers that wont happen* but i guess it'll be envitable eventually right? i mean no one lives forever, especially not 80 some year old grandfathers right?

i'm thinking tonight will be quite difficult, i went to the market and came back to start figuring out what from our room was going into the show room and what i needed to move around and find space for. It'll be a bit of a pain in the ass because i'll have no phone line in the showroom nor will i have a closent, both are in the other room...grr..what to do, so i go into the show room and theres a note on the bed telling me not to move anything until i talk to katelyn...wonder whats up? so i'm waiting for her to come home. I hope tonight isnt too difficult. i hate hurting her. why cant i just pack up tomorrow and be on my way to aussie land?

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