2001-09-10, 6:54 p.m.,

so i've decided to pull out my journal and begin writing in it as a secondary journal, seeing as i'll have plenty to write about while i make the journey to aussie land. So i've promised to reveal my steamy entry from a few evenings ago and i promised i would, but well *insert dosclaimers here* yeah yeah.....anyway:

I cant sleep, its pointless by this time i think anyway, i just wanna call her, lock myself in my room (if only my door had a lock) and crawl under my blankets and fill the space underneath with her voice, the sound of her breath, her sighs...I've lost it completely, i think of nothing else but her. Last evening I fell asleep just wishing that when i came in from taking a shower and curling up in bed i'd crawl into bed next to her body, all warm from being burried in the blankets and soft and just kiss her shoulders and back and pull her hair away from her neck to kiss the back of her neck. I thought about kissing the sides of her neck, pushing into her flesh just a bit harder behind her earlobes, running my hands over her hips and her waist- around to her stomach, sliding my fingertips over her thighs and lingering longer on the insides of them. I couldnt stop thinking of kissing her, how soft her lips are sliding over mine, into mine, how her tongue might feel touching mine when we kiss (i sent this to her as a text message while she was in church to her phone, hmm..was that cruel? should i not have done that?) ;)

I must have kept myself awake forever just wishing for her kisses, letting my fingertips run over her inner thighs and into the folds of her flesh, pulling her hips back tighter against me and letting my kisses muffle and hinder her breathing, turning her towards me and letting my kisses wander to her chest, collarbone, down her arms, her stomach and hipbones, sliding my palms down her body, giving her goosebumps, feeling her soft skin under my tongue, smelling the lavendar scent, letting my kisses deliberately creep their way up her thighs, placing my palm against her lower belly to feel her muscles lightly convulse and contract as i make love to her, responding to her sighs and breathing patterns. (what a run-on sentance huh?)

making love to her until she becomes to sensitive to my touch and i kiss my way back up her body and hold onto her telling her how amazing she is, how beautiful she is, how much i love her and need her in my life, how perfect she is for me..all the things i want to tell her in person...oh dear, the things this girl makes me think, i'm shocked at myself... *gasp*

My love, i'm withering without you....

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