2001-09-11, 2:04 p.m.,

Insanity, absolute insanity....

Since last eveing its been a night from hell and a mornign from hell. I had horrible nightmares last night, couldnt sleep, was all uncomfy and achey and miserable, then at about 4 am my door opens and katelyn comes in and curls up next to me and just cries. I mean full forced sobbing completely unconsolable, she couldnt talk, nothing. She just cried, i held onto her and didnt say anything because there wasnt anything i could say to her? I just let her stay there and held onto her and twirled her small braids through my fingers until she quieted a bit. she then just kissed my forehead, told me she loved me and that she was sorry and went back to bed.

then thismorning all the trade center and pentagon and just the insanity....I've never wanted to be an aussie citizen more, why am i here? i'm not nearly patriotic enough to be a us citizen. The war is one and I've got Ryan in the air force and a baby brother ripe for draft picking......

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