2001-09-15, 1:37 p.m.,

so i have these random thoughts about her, silly little everyday things that distrect me and make me just sit still and become consumed by her all over again. Like last night I was lying in bed and i was thinking how when abby would come and stay at my house and sleep next to me it would always be her holding on me while we slept, when katelyn would sleep next to me it was always me holding onto her, rarely the other way around and i was wonder why that is,,and i thought about our personalities and abby always had a personality far more dominant than mine, mine more dominant than kates...so i was wondering, once i'm there with maxine and we fall into this regular sleeping pattern of sleeping next to each other, i wonder which it'll be because we both have literally equally dominant personalities, i dont know, its silly and starnge and really i'm thinking far too much about inane things...but hey, it keeps me from driving myself into the madhouse thinking about her and wishing for her all the time.

anyway..nothing more to say really..i'm at work again on a saturday..i work far to much....

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