2001-09-19, 12:03 p.m.,

shes the most frustrating girl i know...i finally get an return email from anie, the usual, i love you, miss you, i'm a bad friend...i'll come visit. "if i were closer to you i'd be at your door everyday" huh, yeah right.

anyway, i'm all very ill today, got all feverish during the night and my tummy is all queasy, the thought of eating turns my stomach, i'm all shakey..it must be withdrawl, no other explanation, i miss her too much and i'm physically flling apart now without her....or it could be the flu....

oh dear, what to do with myself, i'm terribly bored here, just sitting around waiting to go there, i've started doing seminars at work, i think ron is ready to marry me for it, i organized nearly the whole damn thing yesterday, i'm hell bent on takign that place over and letting the rest of them sit around and watch me. Ron asks me yesterday after i had showed him all i had finished "who do you want to help you with this?" and i said "oh, do you think i need help?" i asked it completely innocently, not trying to be sarcastic and he nearly died, he was like "no, take it on all yourself if you can handle it all, your doing well so far." and i was like "good i prefer to do it all myself anyway, that way its done the way i like it and no one screws it up." he nearly died laughing..hmm perhaps thats my problem, like on your report cards in elementary school "does not play well with others"

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