2001-09-22, 2:06 p.m.,

oh dear, lets see....8 solid hours of talking to her last night and i went to bed exhausted wishing for more of her..insatiable, so i wake this morning and get in another solid 4 hours....i'm insane, addicted unreasonale, irrational and i love it.

I had this dream last night about that necklace, its driving me cray trying to remeber it...and i think she was in it too, but i'm not sure where exactly she fit in.

This morning when i was on the phone with her, i stayed there, curled under my blankets listening to her voice, just closing my eyes and imagining her there, her voice just a small distance from my ears, not through a phone line from so far away.

I imagined her there, pressed so close to me, soft, smelling of the coconut shampoo she uses. And I rest there entanged in her, letting my fingers run over her, letting my kisses wander fom her lips to her face and neck, chest and shoulders, just content being there with her, listening as she talked to me. Perhaps letting my fingers run up from the insides of her thighs into her, trying to distract her from her thoughts. Listening to her trying to be all serious and philosphical, keeping a straight face and not falter over her words as she spoke. Pressing my lips to her ear and telling her in a whisper how irresistable she is and how much i love her, how she amazes me everyday, how lucky i am to have her in my life, how the thought of doing nothing else with my life but making her happy is all I want. Shes all I want....

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