2001-09-24, 10:01 p.m.,

so i was thinking of what to send mrs kinchy and i have it now, a long time ago she bought this tear glass pendant when we were in New Mexico and it broke one right when i was at her house, i remember she cut her hand on it and it bled for hours, anyway, she saved both pieces and i have them now, they're in the wooden box of "things" christina gave me when i was there. So i was thinking i would send her back half of it and i wrote her a letter today, perhaps i'll post it, So very formal, blood red sealing wax stamped and all, inside it i enclosed something. A few years ago she sent me the lyrics to "Name" and I never asked her, nor have i understood why. So today i found them and i was reading them, i decided to tear off the very bottom of her letter where she wrote the lyrics:

"I think about you all the time

but i dont need to sing.

If its lonely where you are, come back down

and i wont tell them your name."

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