2001-09-26, 8:56 p.m.,

hmm...so she's stuck in my mind so much lately. I mailed that stuff to her mother, i guess thats what i'm supossed to do right? i dont know if christina is sending her anything but whatever.

So anyway, for my abigail hannah, because she plagues my mind too frequently:


She is trapped inside a month of grey

And they take a little every day

She is a victim of her own responses

Shackled to a heart that wants to settle

And then runs away

It's a sin to be fading endlessly

but she's alright with me

She is leaving on a walkaway

She is leaving me in disarray

In the absence of a place to be

She stands there looking back at me

Hesitates, and then turns away

She'll change so suddenly

She's just like mercury

but she's alright with me

Keep some sorrow in your hearts and minds

For the things that die before their time

For the restlessly abandoned homes

The tired and weary rambler's bones

And stay beside me where I lie

She's entwined in me

Crazy as can be

but she's alright with me

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