2001-09-29, 7:48 p.m.,

so 2nd entry today and i'm feeling a bit blah, i hope tomorrow goes well, i sell lots of photos and book my ticket ASAP.

I came home and took a really long super hot shower with the lights off, katelyn thought i was crazy, but theres something incredibly soothing about being in intensely hot steam and total darkness...i need to do that more often. Its like my little alone crying time/thinking time, whatever....i hate being away from her, i need to get there and be with her as soon as i can, this is killing me.

On a happy note i read a funny quote today:

"Gay unions are now legal in Vermont, but they are not having much luck in the south, where there are strict rules which forbid getting married unless your heterosexual, 14 or 'kin'"

I nearly died laughing..sad thing is that its true, you can kegally marry at 14 here and you can legally marry your cousin.....hmmm....anyone want to explain the logic here?

I finally finished my book "Rubyfruit Jungle"..what can i say..hmmm.. interesting

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