2001-09-30, 9:02 p.m.,

more nightmares, seems like everytime i fall asleep lately i have these bizarre nightmares, last nights : Anie and I were in this huge abandoned house loking for this girl who was killed in there and there was all this blood all over everything in the house, but you couldnt see it right off, so i would pick up something or touch the wall and then i'd have blood on my hands. So strange....

Gian and I went to this ladys shop for the photo thing, she really liked them, especially the one i did of abby on the staircase. Why am i all weird about selling that one, or any with her in it.

The amish belive that when you photograph someone you steal a portion of their soul and trap it inside the photo, never to be returned to that person, so they never allow themselves to be photographed. Maybe thats why i love taking pictures of people, stealing little portions of them for myself they can never get back and i'm having issues about givign that away, selling that portion of abby..because i have nothing of her left..i'm insane i know. If she were here shed say "Gwennie, sell it, go to australia, have fun, who knows that you wont die tomorrow." shes right huh? I hope this lady buys at least more than 1, i need to get there and be with maxine more than anythign in my life right now

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