2001-10-02, 9:56 p.m.,

so how do i respond to this?

I get these messages and i just want to tell her that she isnt what i want anymore, that i can let her go now, but i get these messages:

"it feels like somehow i have let so many things start to slip from me like how is it possible that it has been a year since i have crossed the state line with intentions of visiting and i miss new england accents accompanied by beautiful smiles.. everyday things change and yet the other night i was so afraid to do one small thing which i felt would change something. this is my apology to you if i never kiss you ever again. i am scared out of my mind with you and i have no idea why, and yet i still don't think i am ready for this to happen, but i'm so sure of it, of us.

i am taking some time out to reconnect with all the things i have let slide. you are coming to visit me, and even if i don't spend a night with jess in baltimore talking about all we have missed or put my arms around boys in delaware i will be content with having seen you and breaking this almost year stretch of not having you in front of me. i miss you, sometimes i don't realize how much, but now that winter is creeping up it is kicking in.

have i said lately how much i love every day of my life? and almost a year later i am still thanking you for being my friend. i love you.

Yours. Annabanana

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