2001-10-06, 3:53 p.m.,

so i'm looking trough thi old box of jewlery i have and its kinda full of just stuff...old jewlery i dont wear, trinkets, coins, silly mementos and i find this necklace i forgot i had.

about 4 years ago abby and i went into this occult.witchcrafty kinda store in NY and theres this guy making necklaces out of vials of blood, yeah creepy right, but heres the thing, they are really rather beautiful. so anyway, abby, being the morbid gal she was decides this is exactly the thing she wants for us and has these 2 necklaces made, so they cut our fingers and made these dumb things, she has mine and i hers. anyway i found the one i have of hers..where mine is i dont know. Regardless katelyn and i were watching television last night and they were talkign about angelina jolie and billy bob thorton having these neklaces as well and katelyn says "oh my god thats so freaky creepy, why would you do that?" and i respond "um kate, i have one." too funny..anyway....

my head is so congested, i seriously think it'll explode. i got up today after talkign to maxine for 2 and a half hours and had to load up on cold meds just to be able to breathe. Anyway, now i'm feeling all dizzy and such. I hate the way medications mess with my heart....

skee-ball tonight...yay!

why does this excite me so much? my life is so lame lately..i cant wait to get to her.

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