2001-10-15, 1:00 p.m.,

Its been a bit of an interesting day today, couldnt fall asleep for the life of me last night, i was so uncomfy and fussy, i just stayed awake playing out the scene of me arriving there and being with her over and over again until i fell asleep. Shes the only thing thats keeping me sane right now, i feel like everyday is a circus lately.

I had this weird dream last night though, i don tremember hte specifics, but at one poin ti walked by this soccer game and I realized peggy was playing, i hadnt thought about her in years (my very first college roomie when i lived in the dorms)anyway, i remember in my dream watching her soccer game and it was weird every about her was so languid. WOnder what happend to her? I know her parents live right down the road from Brians parents and since Brian's at home now i should have him look her up, just to check in on her.....

I cant wait to start packing. I feel like a little kid wanting to pack my bags a month before vacation in anticipation of leaving..... as if packing will make my departure come quicker....

My love, i'm on my way, less than 2 weeks by the time you read this....

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