2001-10-20, 10:30 p.m.,

Katelyn found a dog, its someones pet, has a collar and all, but its starved pretty badly, we're taking care of it and trying to find its parents. Hes a border collie, so cute, all black and white. Dru loves him, they play nonstop.

I freaked out today and spend at least 4 solid hours scrubbing the floor. literaly on the floor in my jammies cleaning the baseboards and all, i cleaned out the fridge, the stove, the counters the tabletops, the bathroom floor, the tub, vaccummed, dusted, polished furniture, everything, it was kinda scary, but now one could perform surgery on the kitchen table....

I've been writing a lot in my new journal. I have a feeling it'll become my "abby journal" sems to be heading that way...

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