2001-10-25, 3:37 p.m.,

So I'm simply time away now....the day after tomorrow and I'm on my way, just moving closer by the minute at hundreds of miles and hour.

So what do I do? Life at home has been a bit less than ideal. It seems theres nothing i can tell katelyn to sway her. Shes hell bent on making us work and as much as i have to admire her determination, it's making things impossible to live with. She asked me a few days ago "if i let you go to australia and i'm really good about you being away, i'm hoping you'll get all this out of your system and feel better and we can just get our normal life back." shes convinced that I'll get over this, that it's a phase or something, me just needing a break, that I just need some space and it'll all work out.

so where do i go from here? I try to tell her how i feel , that i want to move out and she gets hysterical, literally hyperventilating hysterical. LAst time i told her I didnt want to "fix" things that it wasnt about me getting space, it was about me breaking away completely, she lost it, it took me nearly an hour to get her calm enough to breath normally.....

I'm not sure how i manage to lure all the emotionally undstable people..she knows that i hate hurting her and she uses that against me, I need to get away and saturday isnt coming soon enough....

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