2001-11-16, 11:29 a.m.,

I think i need to cal anie and talk to her about my moving away. i know she'll be the only person in the world excited for me without asking me questions like "are you sure this is what you want?" or saying things like "oh, you'll never sit still".. I swear shes the only person that understands me like that.

I talked to kate a few nights ago and she gives me the "oh wendy, your so cute how you reject the whole corporate thing still, but you realize you'll have to settle down one day." i hate that...I'd never want her life and i just dont understand why anyone would want that.

so excuse me if I dont settle into my white bread suburbia exsistance and spend all my time working my entire life to please a boss killing myself with mundane 9-5 life all the while sending myself into an early grave as i drive little bobby to soccer practice and attend pta meetings...just so maybe, just maybe i can work my way into a nice cushy job inside the best cubicle that middle management has to offer....no thanks, i'd rather be dead.

I mean and i could be right? ABby died at 24 and everyday at work i saw families dealing with early deaths,,it happens ladies and gentleman and know what? i'd rather die at 30 and say i had this full life doing what made me happy and loving who i wanted and travelling where i wanted rather than dying at 80 and saying "well i worked 50 years at this company and i have this nice little house with a white fence and a mini-van"

I need to call anie......

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