2001-11-21, 2:21 p.m.,

Four entire days alone in my apartment, just me and my dog, everyone seems to feel bad for me that i'll be alone on thanksgiving, but i'm kinda looking forward to the quiet. And all the use of the phone line i want, i can put myself back on aussie time and stay on the computer and telephone for hours and hours without anyone else needing the phone...yippee!!!!!

Just one month and theres so much i wish i could do with her, so many things i want to do. I want to take her to my parents in NY so she can see snow and into NYC and Philly and i wish i could get her to New Orleans, but i'm worried that time and money wont allow it because i just found out that the super bowl which is ging to be about when shes here is in New orleans this year...blech.....

i just wish this time would pass by quickly..i'm withering wothout her here.

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