2001-11-22, 12:53 p.m.,

Yay, happy thanksgiving....I drank too much wine last night and woke up a few times, i was having some strange dreams. I had this dream that i got this letter dated November 3rd and it was telling me that this girl named Anna Mildred had died, so for some reason i went to the cemetary for her burial and while there i saw this statue move, so i knew that it was alive or something so i walk away from the funeral and walk up to it and it was the statue of this lady that had a piece of fabric in her hand and i saw her drop it, so i walked over to the statue and picked up the fabric and put it up to her hand and said to her that i knew she was alive and she could hold onto it and then she grabbed my wrist and i grabbed her arm to pull my wrist away and it tore all the skin off my wrist and i was bleeding really badly. It was so messed up. I woke up and had to call maxine to hear her voice. It'll be so nice having her with me when i wake during the night.

wonder who anna mildred is..and why november 3rd? hmm...

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