2001-11-23, 1:41 p.m.,

So I slept in today until 1 pm, its was kinda nice, however I can justify it by saying that i did stay awake until 2 am and that I was up twice during the night on the phone with her...so its ok.

I woke this morning on a mission to get somethings done, I guess out of my guilt for sleeping in so late, so I called the fedex people and got only a bit further in the "package nightmare" which this is grown to be called. Basically I have to call Aussie customs, what a pain in the ass. Next I was on the phone with the airlines and trying to figure out what i need to do as far as my visa is concerned, looks like its good for a year, but i have to get it reinstated every 3 months. I'm begining to feel like the entire country of aussie land really wants us apart, you think?

I miss her already, pathetic arent i? I just want to call her but i hate waking her during the night when i know how stressed she is and how much she needs her sleep, so i'll give it a little bit and call later on. Wish i were there with her and never ever needing to call her.

Also found out my friend janet will be in sydney on feb 10- and wants to hang out, cant wait to see her again, there of all places, how fun.

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