2001-11-29, 10:10 a.m.,

I remembered why i loves sleeping pills so much....I can just drift off and have these really strange dreeams, get my creative mind going and before i know it, half the days gone and i have 1 day less to miss her......

How in the world will I ever survive?

Colleen was here yesterday and she and katelyn just sat here feeling bad for each other, it was a bit nauseating... maybe i just dont feel bad for katelyn because well, for obvious reasons and as much as i love colleen, there comes a point when i just want to say "stop your bitching your having an affair with a married man...what the hell do you expect?????" i nean sheesh people.....

am i just getting overly irritated at everyone and everythign because i miss her so much? whats the deal here?

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