2001-12-01, 3:10 p.m.,

so she writes this well thought out letter/poem to her and posts it on the board, quite juvenile, but it hurt nonetheless. I'm so angry at her and i just want to tell her how upset i am and how shes just killing any chance of us ever being friends after all this. I cant tell you how each day i just want her further and further from my life. I hate that she can do that so easily, just hurt her and not think twice about it, as if shes entitled to hurt her because shes hurting.

Anyway, all passwords are being changed, i barely look at her when shes here anymore, i dont even want to talk to her. There has to be somethign i can do to get out of the house when shes here..... two weeks and shes gone, maybe 1 and a half...

and just a few weeks until my love returns to me and we're without worries ever again....

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