2001-12-06, 1:32 p.m.,

What can i say...i think its my mind thats killing me, driving me insane. My thoughts of her, how i long to be with her, how i'm simply withering without her.

I had this dream last night of her (this morning actually, i stay awake now until 5 am to be on aussie time, so we sleep at the same time now.) its crazy and i feel like a vampire of sorts but i love it.

So the dream...I was in my bed and she with her back to me soudn asleep and i slid my right arm under her head and she sleepily rested her head back against my shoulder, long blonde hair against me all soft and sweet smelling. we were kissing and she was half awake/half asleep and my left hand just slid over her thighs, over her hip, her waist, her tummy, my knee sliding between her legs to pull them apart allowing my fingers to slide inside her. And i told her last night...told her how amazingly sexy it is when i have my mouth to hers and the moment i'm inside her, her body tenses just slightly, her shoulders pull back a bit and she does this quick inhale, breathing in my breath, making this little whimper sound....its so sexy, i think about it far too often lately, and i kissed her and she pressed her hips back agaist me, allowing my fingers to move within her....I woke up far too soon from that dream i must admit...

I'm making things terribly difficult on myself thinking like this.....

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