2001-12-16, 1:12 p.m.,

So its been awhile, a pretty eventful weekend... I cant believe that time is finally winding down. Just days now, Next saturday I'll have her here, it still doesnt seem real yet and i have so much left to do. We moved katelyn out and although the house will be a bit more peaceful this week, its so very quiet, no noise, no television, nothing, just silence....

She cried so much before i left and made it so hard to go, it finally hit me i guess just how much i've really hurt her. we were waiting at my car and i was getting ready to go and she kept making comment about not seeing me again and i told her she would and then she put her hand on top of the hand with maxine's ring and went to pul it off and i closedmy fingers in so it wouldnt come off and she said to me "let me hold onto it for awhile so i know you'l come back for it." and immediately i became defensive and was like "no, its not leaving my hand." she got a bit upset over it and just cried and told me she knew i wouldnt take it off and that she knew that was the only thing that meant anything to me.

I didnt tell her that i was picking up maxine at the airport this weekend. she knows we're spending the holiday together, but i guess even though its 4 hours away i just didnt want her randomly showing up here to torture herself more. Thank god she left her key.

So what else? I guess thats my weekend in a nutshell...better get packing, i really a so much to do....

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