2001-12-17, 1:43 p.m.,

so my mother is obsessed with this show "Queer as Folk" and i have a suspicision its because shes hoping it'll give her some sort of insight into what my life is like. Aparently the show is about 3 gay couples, 2 male and one female. Anyway, seems everytime i talk to her shes wathing this show. I have to admit i'm a bit curious to see, it i'd like to see how my mother thinks i live, i'm sure if she were to see the real thing she'd be sorely disappointed, i get up at noon, eat something, run a few errands, get the mail, and sit online or on the phone talkign to my girlfriend in another country while i pack up my home and miss her desperately until i can go get her at the airport and we can begin ou life together. So yeah, my life is right here, in front of the computer, not quality tv drama quality, but i'm happy with waiting here until saturday.

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