2001-12-18, 7:07 p.m.,

My love,

Its just days until you get here, 3 days, and i have you back with me where you belong. My body entangled with yours, my lips pressed against yours, sliding over yours. So very little time left to pack up and begin our lives together and although i admit i'm a bt frightend, i'm so much more excited to start our lives together. I spend every minute letting my thoughts just circle around you, my time with you, all the time we have yet to begin. And i want you to know i love you, i love you more intensely than anyone and i've never been with overwhelmed by my feelings for anyone, darling.

I need you. And i know i've told you this before, that i've never in my life admitted to myself and certainly not to anyone else that i need them. I'm afraid my fierce independance has always been my downfall and its caused me to cut ties with people i found myself too dependant on, but my darling, i'd wither being apart from you any longer.

The morning we drove to the airport and i began to cry as soon as i saw the signs, i knew i'd be miserable here without you. th emoment our hands slipped apart at immigration and we walked our separate ways, i knew my life would be about mothing other than getting back to you. When i called you from the airport in hawaii sobbing into the telephone, i knew i'd lost myself entirely to you and that I'd left more of myself there with you than i brought back with me.

Seeing you at the airport on saturday will be the end to something we've endured for months my love and the begining of someting we've talked about for what seems forever.

I'm entirely yours, and cant wait to have you with me again.

All my love, always,

Your gwenivere

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