2001-12-21, 8:58 p.m.,

My love has left on a plane, just 8 minutes ago her plane took off from sydney and shes on her way to me....I'm so excited i cant sit still. I wonder how many posts i'll put in here because i cant talk to her and she'll only be able to call me randomly from las angeles and texas. Tomorrow night i have her back, finally with me, never to be away from her agian. It been such a busy day and I'm so very emotional, its unreal. My love, I'll be thinkingof you ever moment, wishing you a safe flight to me.

I got an email from Brian today and it made me cry. Oddly enough as i was packing i came across a bunch of pictures of he and I and though i would send him one. then started thiking about writing him a letter very much like the email he sent me, but heres what he wrote:

this is not my style to do over the internet---in person is more my style.

first off i want to thank you for our relationship (the 3yr one). i never had the chance to thank for being my girlfriend--the ups and downs, the entire relationship. you were/are an amazing person and i just want to thank you. you're amazing and don't ever change. i wouldn't trade in a second for anything even if you thought that you wasted 3yrs of your time with me. your patience, love and trust i value very much.

secondly, i apologize for not being the boyfriend you had wished for. (ending in a preposition is a bad english thing--don't tell elaine reed).

thirdly, i wish you and i had been able to spend "non-boyfriend/girlfriend" just Friend time in Arizona. we loved that state in 96-97 and we both finally made it there and then never had a chance to take it all in together in AZ. ---even though we are both happily out of that "uncultured, pathetic, sh*ty driver state."

and finally, i want to say that our relationship taught me a lot, more than a lot about relationships, about love, and about myself and who i think i am and who i want to be when i grow up. as i have always said, "everything in life leads you to where you are a right now at this moment" and i have recently found her: her name is Kate Paul. after 27yrs of searching, i have found her. if it hadn't been for our relationship and everything person, action, and adventure that i have experienced i would still be searching. but what i learned for everything i have ever done and said brought me to where i am today, and our relationship had a great deal to do with the person i am today. and i thank you for that, sincerely.

i have told kate about you and our relationship and i would love if we could all meet---not a "hey i have a girlfriend" kinda way, but a "hey look who i found on my road less traveled" kinda way.----------and yes, she has blond hair---(you should be laughing right about now!)

so let me know when Wendy the Traveler will be in the area and we can all get together.

again i thank you sincerely,


So i responded and pretty much said the same, how I never thought the 3 tears was a waste and how thankful i am to have him in my life and how I too want himto meet maxine for much of the same reasons as he wants me to meet kate.

Todays a good day, one of the best i've had in awhile and tomorrow.....even better because i get her back. I get to hold her, kiss her tell her how much i love her and missed her to her face, i get to make love to her and fall asleep tangled in her, the best day since i had to come back.....24 hours to go and all the crap we've dealt with making this work will finally be over and we'll have it all again.

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