2002-06-25, 3:02 p.m.,

We finally have a computer here in the house, which now allows me more time to do things, meaning i can post back in this damn thing again.

Going home on sunday. I'm both excited and not so much at the same time. I cant wait to see the baby, who will be picking up from the airport, escorted by his mommy of course.

I'm still pretty concerned about my sister and this cancer thing. The doctors want to wait until she's completely healed from the baby until they do any type of surgury on her, but they seem pretty confident that they can remove all the cancerous material. Cancer at 22....pretty scary. She's yet to talk to me about it, so all the info i get is through mom. My sister made my mom swear to not tell anyone, my poor mom, all insanely grief stricken told me right away to have someone to talk to about it all. She's a mess, rightfully so. Just reminds me never to tell my mom anything huge i dont want shared with any of my family.

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