2002-07-02, 8:25 p.m.,

My first full day here and already so full of goodies. I went to lunch today with my mom, aunt and grandmom, it was actually pretty fun. I feel a bit like the city girl in the country, in amazement at things like wild tiger lilies growing all around me, picking veggies in my dad's garden this morning, its a a big surreal. Went shoppig this evening with mom and dad (shopping for a new outdoor grill--exciting i know) and on the way out of Barnes and Noble I walk straight into Mrs. Kinchy, who hugged me like she hadnt seen me in centuries. She wants me to come to lunch this week. I'm just not sure if i'm up to talking about abby with her, as thats really all we have in common. "So mrs kinchy, lets chat about your dead daughter...." it all makes me quite uncomfy.

Spending so much time with my mm today I was a bit amazed that this woman is the one who raised me. We've really grown to be so different from each other...wonder where i got it all from? She just seems so easy to roll over and passive sometimes. It's really frustrating sometimes watching how she lets people walk on her without a second thought.

Not sure what's in store for tomorrow...

I just think about maxie all the time, seems like every conversation i have somehow turns into me talking abou her. If anyone in my family didnt know she was my girlfriend they would immediately after having a 10 minute conversation with me. It's quite pathetic really. I feel like if I'm not sitting there thinking about how badly i want to be with her, i talk about her to whoever will listen. *sigh* how many days left to go?

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