2002-07-03, 8:21 a.m.,

The longer I'm here, the more things i realize i want to do. I want to go out on the lake in the boat for awhile, take the horses out, all kinds of country stuff i cant do at home.

So to make a long story fairly short, my parents have been told they may have a fairly large natural gas pocket under their land here. So my dad and I are talking abuot this and its just so clear to me that my parents are those "good country people" that you hear about. They trust everyone and think no one will lie to them. So my dad tells me all about this guy hat shows up in a suit and has a contract giving them 100 dollars to give the gas company permission to check the ground for gas. Dependig on what theyf ind, they could get paid a wide range of costs to rent the land out, blah blah. My dad thought it was amusing at how many time i said "well did you ask them this and did you take the first offer? he thinks i think he's dumb and that i dont trust anyone....Anyway...maybe i've been livin gin the city too long, but it frustrates me how passive they can be sometimes. Just a small example, my mom was telling me how their internet service providers server was down for 5 or 6 days and they couldt get online. Finally it came up and i asked my parents if they got a discount for that month since it was down a week and they said "no it really didnt put us out much" and i spend an our tellign them its not the point, they paid for a month and they didnt get that. They look at me like "i cant believe we raised a bitch who would make a big deal out of this." I'm afraid they'll get screwed with this gas thing.....

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