2002-07-09, 2:53 p.m.,

I think its the simplicity of being in the country i find amusing. I tell people my family lives in NY and the assume its the city. My parents live in the middle of the woods on a lake, with only 1 house in sight from them.....

Yesterday I was looking out the window and saw this HUGE black bird with these bright red wings in my moms garden and i said "wow, what kind of bird is that black thing with the red winds?" and my mom says "A red-winged blackbird." I found that hysterical. Simplicity, gotta love it.

***Warning, the rest is way personal details that's probably quite full-on about how much i miss my girlfriend***

It's unreal..I've done nothing in the past few days but think about making love to her. I miss everything abou ther, her voicem, her skin, the smell of her hair, the feel of her agaisnt me, the taste of her. I was out this morning behind our house on the lake and theres all these wild raspberry and strawberry bushes, so i'm out there and just kinda zoning out thinking about her and how I'd give abslutely anything to feel her against me, wrap my finger around her hips and pull her to my mouth. How could anyone ever want to be with a guy (no offense if any guys read this) but theres just no comparison. Then i think, god gwen it's been 2 weeks, get over it. I'd like to think i can survive two weeks without making love to her......I'm so patheic....

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