2002-07-11, 9:07 p.m.,

Sometimes i think i must overestimate the intelligence of people. Is there really a need for instructions on the shampoo bottle? apparently someone somewhere thought "gee, i wish i knew how to use this stuff" and *poof* directions were written. In the shower today i'm reading said directions and at the end of wet hair, lather, rinse...blah blah, it says "repeat". Do people really was their hair twice before conditioning? Is it necessary? Just in case you dont get it quite clean enough the first time?

So I met Maggie tonight. She seems pretty boring acually and it was at first tough to tell if she was "family". I was polite and she seemed terribly bored and standoff-ish. Then Clair asked me some question and my anser involved talking about maxie and when clair left the room, Maggie asks me if i knew maxine before i went to Oz. I tell her that maxie is my girlfriend and suddenly i have not only earned her interest, but her respect and friendship as well. She instantly becomes interested in talking to me and being my friend, wanting to know when i was leaving and acts all upset that we didnt get to hang out before i go. What the hell is that about? Suddenly, because now she knows i have a girlfriend I'm worthy of her attention and conversation? Anyway, she wasnt exactly the type of friend I'd seek out. She's ok and all, but whatever.

Won't get to see the baby before i go tomorrow. I'm gonn amiss that little man.

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