2002-07-11, 6:24 p.m.,

Tomorrow's the day. Bags all pack, stacked up by the door. All this week I've been packing and repacking my bas, like a small child packing for a vacation to disneyworld when they dont leave for another month. Finally, it's here. Now, just 2 hours to Chicago, 4 to Las Angeles and 14 to Sydney amd I'm home.

I randomly wonder if the residents in our small complex know maxie and I are a couple. Most folks in our building of only 6 apartments are well within the 60-80 range, so to most of them I think it wouldnt even occur to them. Then i think of how obvious we are, always coming and going together. It must be obvious. The woman directly below us watches television into the wee hours of the morning and often we lie in bed and can hear into her living room through our floor....certainly then she must hear us. Hmmm....come to think of it, maybe that's why her television is watched at said volume. Wonder what she thinks?

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