2002-07-17, 8:44 a.m.,

So maybe it's me still unused tot he new timezones, but i'm finding myself awake in the early hours of the morning, with my head full of things that i have to do, i'm making "to do" lists, it's unreal.

This morning I was lying awake thinking it's been a year now since maxie and I have been together, a year, already. I cant believe how quickly it's gone and how effortless it's all seemed. The day after i came back we went to IKEA and she leaned over to get something out of the backseat of the car and I kissed her on her neck and jawline and she just kinda fell back against me with this grin and asked the question we apparently find amusing to ask each other frequently "when am i gonna get sick of you?" the typical response: "maybe tomorow." I find myself doing really mushy things like writing her a 2 weeks worth of letters, dated on each of the envelopes. One for each day i was away, for her to read.... is this nauseating or what? I'm happier than ever sop thats all that matters....

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