2002-07-19, 10:08 a.m.,

So today I woke up thinking "today's the day I'm going to sit down and write anie her "I've realized if i stop emailing and stop writing, calling, etc. I'd never hear from you again" letter. Then lo and behold, as if she sensed it, I go to my email first thing and surprise, a email from her.


hello gorgeous. congratulations on your life's new path. i am so proud of you. know that you are always in my prays to the universe. of course once again i suck at staying in touch. but you know me all to well. how was home? and brian? is the family heading over in october? maybe i can swing things by then and make a special trip. i'll call it research for work. actually it may just work. we do need to accomplish some things in australia! what are you doing now? still photography i hope. follow you heart and your dreams wendy. i am learning so much about life everyday. i am will someone amazing. definite soul connection like never before. you have to meet him. unfortunately he is based in venice CA but i am working on things. he is my boss..hee hee. no one knows yet making it very erotic.so we both will be going coast to coast. i'm serious about october. do you need a bridesmaid? love you wendy. love and light to maxine! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox anie


So I'm trying terribly hard not to get excited about her coming here, as I know it isnt very likely to happen. Its just that I was thinking that it would be so nice to have someone here from home. Sure I'll have my aussie friends here for the ceremony and all, but I'd be absolutley elated to have someone from home. Of course, the passport deal and getting nearly 1500 dollars is a bit of a pothole. I wish i had the money to fly my sister over. I know she'd never be able to leave the baby, but I just so badly would like to do something for her, give her some sort of experience that she would never think to give herself. I dunno, maybe we just really have an entirely different scale of what we think is an amazing experience in life. She just seems so young and already at 23, dealing with having a baby, a boyfriend thats more immature than the baby, and all this cancer scare....i dunno. I'd just like to show her that there really is an entire world out there and she doens have to spend her entire life living one hour from my parents, ata job that doesnt pay the greatest to live with a guy simply because he's the father of your baby. *sigh* anyway....

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