2002-07-22, 11:32 a.m.,

Sometimes i think i need to realize when excess is bad. We have this little electric space heater we plug in at the desk of the computer that sits on the floor and when i sit here checking email, etc i turn it on and its so so warm and toasty and if you leave your feet in front of it too long they get really hot and super red, but they feel really good. Then you walk around with crimson skin for an hour. Well 2 days ago i realized i had two little blisters on top of my ankle where i had actually burned myself. Hmm...gotta learn the meaning of excess.

So Maxie and I are at the one year mark already. I cant belive how quickly it went by. We're actually so optimistic because we were talking about how the first year, (after you get past the mushy we're newly in love stage) is when you deal with all the tough melodrama about getting to know another person and finding clashes in your personalities. We've really had smooth sailing. Hope its not waiting to rear its head.

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