2002-07-23, 10:41 a.m.,

I really hope this residency visa works out, I'm getting so sick of calling work and trying to get a bloody schedule from the guy and he says to me "call me tomorrow and we'll set a schedule up. Then he calls an hour before he needs me to come in and asks me to work, not understanding when i tell him i have plans. Like I sit by the phone all god damn day waiting like the mexicans at the McDonald's parking lot on the border of Arizona for some construction truck to pull up and hire them for some hard labor at 5 minutes notice for 10 dollars a day. All so they can be grateful that they were able to work illegally for that day and bring money home. I really want my career back....

Speaking of visas....i also have to fax my bank statement to those fuckers because they have no record of me ever ordering anything from them. Yeah, no shit, but you have me on your billing invoices don't you? People piss me off. (more so today.)

Hmmm..what else can i bitch about??? lets see....

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