2002-07-29, 10:16 a.m.,

Strange how dreams work. I had this dream early this morning that was like I was in an episode of law and order. Very Odd. Apparently I was in this hospital and this woman had just been attacked and raped by this guy and her husband was talking to me and telling me that he was upset because she wasnt going to go to the police about it because she didnt think she had enough information to catch the guy. Anyway the guy was begging me to talk her into involving the police and he was saying to me things like how he knew I felt guilty for never reporting Damian to the police and that by convincing this woman it would be like redeeming myself in a way. And then i was talking to him and i started crying and telling him how I thought that if Damian had ever again attacked anyone it would be my fault because i didnt go to the police about it. Have I really ever thought that? Not really, but now that I've mentioned it...is it indirectly my fault because i let it go? Weird how certain thoughts never surface, but in my dream i was completely shaken by it all. So I was walking down the hall after i had talked to this lady and convinced her to talk to the police and i turn the corner and danmian is standing there and he grabs my arm to pull me over to talk to him, not hard or violently, just kinda puts his hand around my wrist as i walk by and i pulled my arm away roughly to get him away from me, in the process pushing maxine really hard in bed and waking us both up this morning. She was a good sport and said something to the effect of "it being nice to be hit awake in the mornings" It was a bit freaky though.

On a entirely differnt note, my baby brother (19) has decided to go on a 2 day kyacking trip completely on his own. He's camping along the river 2 nights. Now I'm obligated to worry about him. I wish he were going with friends.

I also had a dream that my sister was pregnant again. Wonder what that means....gotta get out the dream dictionary.

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