2002-08-01, 10:22 a.m.,

Who would've ever though this immigration and Visa thing would be so damn complicated. I'm told my visa is good for one year, however I cannot stay in Australia for more than 3 months at a time, which means every 3 months i have to leave the country and return to be allowed a new 3 month peroid. So We're on a small technicality: I arrived in Aussie land this last time On July 14th, so does this mean that I must be out of the country on October 14th? or does my visa expire on the 14th. How tragic would it be to be denied my residency because I've overstayed my visa by less then 24 hours? Its like a coupon really, when it says that the coupon expires on May 5th does it mean you can still use it on may 5th???

Well ladies and gentle, I've spent 45 minutes on the telephone with a very kind gentleman name Gabriel at the Australian High Consulate/US Embassy to find out that in fact, my Visa is good until midnight of October 15th. Why woudl this be such a huge deal? Couldn't i just travel 1 day earlier and not worry about it? Well, apparently Australian school holidays dictate the price of auirfare like you wouldnt believe and the difference of leaving the country by just one day is literally hundreds of dollars in the difference of the airline ticket price (like 400 some odd dollars difference.) So yay! Now we can book our damn flights.

Which brings me to the next issue....Fiji. We've been glamorizing Fiji on and on for months and now it seems there may be a glitch that we wont be going there, so off I search looking for somewhere else to go. Itys a bit stressful because we know how much money we'll have and when you go to websites searching for travel they ask where you want to fly to? I just wish there was an option where you could put a dollar value in and see where it can take you and we can chose from there.....I was looking yesterday and the Phillipines was an option.... hmm..maybe. Who knows where we'll end up, seems to be the story of my life lately, I never know which country i'll be in within the next year. But thats what makes it so exciting.

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