2002-08-01, 12:00 p.m.,

Sometimes...sometimes you find out things quite by accident. Things that wouldnt upset you in you were told them to begin with, but because they were held from you, because people somewhere thought that you shouldnt know, it becomes so hurtful and you wonder what the big deal is after all. You wonder why, when these things come up, you're lied to.

So do you confront them and confirm the worst? (As I tend to always assume the worst in a situation) or do you wait and let them come to you, all the while letting that small bit of information build up bigger and bigger until one day you cant pretend you dont know anymore and it becomes far worse than if you were just told in the first place.

Today I've been given a very new perspective on something I thought I was so sure of and its changed so many things.

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