2002-08-01, 3:05 p.m.,

I'm addicted addicted to posting today... so much to get out of my system I guess. I re-strung my violin awhile ago and haven't touched it to play because it was so badly untuned and the strings were nice and shiney, no Rosin for friction. Today I gave it more of a workout than its ever seen I think. I tuned it up last night (or was it the night before?) and played played played until I have a redish kinda bruise on my collarbone and chin from my chin rest that looks like it wont be fading, its also a bit scratched up from my necklace digging in. It was an excellent stress reliever though.

I wish I had a car, I used to love to just drive, for hours and hours, to someplace then turn around and come back. I drove one night in New Zealand. One day of driving in nearly a year. Wonder if I've forgotten how?

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